Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Sedation and general anaesthesia is often required for your pet for diagnostic imaging, minor procedures and major surgery.

VRH is one of the few private referral hospitals in Melbourne that has specialist anaesthetists on staff who have had specialist training in anaesthesia and analgesia. We understand it can be daunting knowing your pet is undergoing anaesthesia, and that is why we believe in providing the highest level of anaesthesia care possible to ensure your pet is as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Our specialist anaesthetists are available to assist your pet’s anaesthetic plan as well as provide support and guidance to our team of dedicated and experienced veterinary nurses who closely look after and monitor your pet while they are sedated or under general anaesthesia. Our anaesthetist’s expertise in analgesia also mean they are involved in your pet’s pain management while they are in hospital. Depending on your pet’s needs, they formulate an individualised analgesia plan.  This may involve techniques such as epidurals, specialised nerve blocks or infusions. A lot of the techniques and equipment we use are used in human hospitals.

Cases that particularly benefit from the expertise of our team of anaesthetists and nurses include:

  • Pet with cardiac disease or other co-morbidities that make the risk of anaesthesia higher
  • Neurological disease
  • Patients that are critically ill
  • Trauma patients
  • Orthopaedic patients
  • Pets that require chronic pain management


Our team is passionate about ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possibly while they are in hospital.