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Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs and Medial Coronoid Disease

Is the diagnosis straight forward? How useful is looking for osteophyte formation on radiographs? The most obvious radiographic feature in dogs with elbow dysplasia is development of osteophytes. These are normally first apparent on the…

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Spontaneous Pneumothorax in Dogs

A 9-year-old, male, Jack Russell Terrier was presented for acute severe dyspnoea. Initial emergency care, including oxygen supplementation, intravenous uid therapy and preliminary blood and blood gas analysis, was provided. Thoracic radiographs identied a large…

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Cruciate Ligament Disease in Dogs

Cruciate disease is common in general practice. Two questions that are frequently asked when it comes to extracapsular stabilisation of cruciate disease are: 1) What suture material should I use? Ex vivo and in vitro…

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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Pets

The majority of humans that have surgery in hospital will find themselves being assessed by a rehabilitation facilitator and given exercises and therapy to assist in their recovery. This rehabilitation often starts within 48hrs post…

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Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs Treatment

Laryngeal paralysis is a common canine, and less commonly feline, condition. Its surgical palliation though, is the subject of active ongoing research. A large number of surgical techniques have been investigated and advocated for its…

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